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Recent prices of homes in Hanalei to Haena. Kauai’s north shore.

Kuhio Highway north of Hanalei has opened after being closed for over a year due to landslides from April 2018 rains. After the rains residents of the immediate area and other permit holders (usually construction workers) could only drive on the highway during 3 set times of the day. The locals had to drive during […]

Hurricane Lane, Serial Murders & Kauai Real Estate

With lots of warning and time to prepare for the threating Hurricane Lane to the Hawaiian Islands, I prepared for upcoming storm. Not by filling my gas tank or buying cases of water but by walking to the library to stock up on reading supplies. The last major Hurricane to hit Kauai in 1992 left […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Kauai Dreams Realty!

Happy Thanksgiving! We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of you who support our small business and those of you who have voted for us through the years as one of Kauai’s Best Real Estate companies, we could not have made it this far without you!           […]

Life of a Kauai Realtor Part 1

When you’re a Kauai Realtor you lead an active and fun life. You go from taking pictures of beat up foreclosed houses to riding waterslides all in one day.   2310 Kahalou St, Kilauea, HI 96754. Its a mess but it’s a nice location. Kilauea houses for sale. This is a bank owned house or REO. […]

A List of Kauai Condos That Allow Pets

Kauai Condos That Allow Pets : Many prospective buyers want to know which condos on Kauai will allow pets. Restrictions do apply on many condos and each complex maintains individual pet policies; some will allow any pet, while others may specify the type of pet or have limits on the size or number of animals […]

Living Wailua, Kauai

It is a lucky and fortunate opportunity being able to live on this beautiful island of Kauai. As someone who has experience working in the tourist industry, I have heard many times… ” Kauai is our favorite island,” “Kauai is much more relaxing than the other islands,” and “Everyone is so pleasant here.” Kauai is […]

Let’s Talk Kauai Real Estate, an update on the now

Aloha! Let’s Talk Kauai   When it comes to location, Kauai Real Estate definitely has a valuable worth. Owning a piece of Kauai Real Estate is the local residents dream, and a highly considerable option to the traveling guests that make their way to Kauai. Kauai is the 4th most populated county in the state of […]

Prices of Hanalei Bay Homes for Sale, Hanalei, Kauai 9.2015

According to Kauai’s MLS, there are currently 8 homes for sale in the Hanalei Bay vicinity and 2 vacant lots. The home prices start at $1,050,000 for a stream frontage home to $26,000,000 for a spread over 2 acres  beachfrontage. Heres a list: Homes for Sale in Hanalei Bay:   5-5522 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei.  This […]

Building a Kauai home or Buying an Already Built Kauai House

In todays market most Kauai Buyers are looking for a house already built rather than purchasing a vacant lot and hiring a Kauai contractor. There are many reasons for buying a preexisting house but there are reasons and also benefits of buying vacant land and building. Below is a list of pros & cons for […]

Kalalea Juice Hale

Kalalea Juice Hale, Anahola Kauai Best place to get an acai bowl on Kauai. Best place for shave ice on Kauai. Best place for a smoothie on Kauai.  Heading North right past Ono Char burger to the left is a small juice stand called Kalalea Juice Hale. Kalalea Juice Hale is located in Anahola Town […]

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