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Recent prices of homes in Hanalei to Haena. Kauai’s north shore.

Kuhio Highway north of Hanalei has opened after being closed for over a year due to landslides from April 2018 rains. After the rains residents of the immediate area and other permit holders (usually construction workers) could only drive on the highway during 3 set times of the day. The locals had to drive during […]

Real Estate Cycles and the State of Kauai’s Real Estate Market 2018

There have been a lot of questions and theories of the cyclical nature of the real estate market and if we are at the top of the cycle headed for a bottom. According to the real estate researcher, Homer Hoyt, observed in 1933 real estate cycles last approximately 18 years. Now if you follow this […]

What is a REO? Kauai REO. Kauai Real Estate. Kauai Foreclosures

REO is an acroynm for Real Estate Owned. It is bank terminology. I’m not sure what bank invented the acroynm but most of them use it. It describes their real estate holdings. In case you didn’t know, banks don’t like to hold real estate, they want cash. The two most common ways banks obtain real estate holdings […]

Hanamaulu and New Construction Homes at Ho’oluana

Hanamaulu Housing Project, Ho’oluana. With Market Priced Homes and Affordable Homes for Sale.

Encroachments on Kauai

Dealing with Encroachments on Kauai Last year I sold a property that had a small fence encroachment of about 4inches. During that time I realized there was not much information online about encroachments and the details that are involved in obtaining an encroachment agreement. Most encroachments today are from fences this is why it is […]

Hawaii State Department of Health Cesspool Conversion Push

The Garden Island Newspaper just released an article by Jessica Else on the States Cesspool issue. Back in 2014 I wrote a blog on this issue and why the State is pushing for the conversion of a cesspool to either a septic, anaerobic treatment (?), or connecting to a sewer. Thank you Jessica & the […]

Purchasing a Foreclosure Property from an Online Auction

Purchasing a foreclosed property from an online auction is getting increasingly popular on Kauai. It is a new way that banks who have foreclosed on homes are marketing and selling their repossessed properties. Similar to E-bay the property is listed on their website with an auction date and time where anyone can sign up online to […]

Buying a foreclosure on Kauai, Hawaii-Kauai Foreclosures.

With the Kauai real estate inventory getting tighter more consumers are considering more aggressive means of finding a Kauai real estate deal. One option can be to buy a judicial foreclosed property. Here are some tips for buying a Kauai Foreclosure. These tips apply to judicial foreclosures only. Kauai Judicial Foreclosures: When a property is foreclosed on the court will appoint a Foreclosure Commissioner. […]

Kauai Real Estate Fraud. Choosing a Kauai Real Estate Agent.

The responsibilities of a real estate license are many. Every month the state of Hawaii puts out a bulletin to the RE licensees that includes Administrative Actions. As a self proclaimed Kauai real estate know it all, I like to read these stories to see what violations have occurred in my choice of profession. Most […]

Building on Kauai at an All Time Low, who would have known?

Economist Paul Brewbaker came to speak at our latest Kauai Board of Realtor membership meeting. I found his graphs interesting indicating that building on Kauai is at an all-time low, at least for residential housing on Kauai. This isn’t helping with the shortage of housing on Kauai.        Kauai New Housing Units Authorized by Building Permit […]

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