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Imposter Sellers Trying to Trick Listing Agents – Real Estate Scam

A month ago… I got an email from Aaron Ramson (False name to protect the real owner’s identity). Aaron went on to say that he wanted to sell his property a vacant piece of land in Koloa. Like any real estate agent, I was excited about a new listing lead. I immediately looked up the […]

What to Fix When Selling A House – Where to Spend Your Time and Energy

Doing updates and repairs to a property can bring a properties value up. However doing certain things can not pay off as expected. Meaning the cost of the repair/remodel can outweigh the amount of money the seller would be getting in return. Therefore many people are left with the question of what to fix and […]

11 Home Seller Closing Costs in Hawaii To Expect When Selling Your Property

Thinking about selling your Kauai home? This blog goes over seller closing costs in Hawaii.  There are costs that get accrued when selling a property. Luckily in a quickly appreciating market on Kauai the seller can usually easily cover their closing costs. This blog will give you a general idea of closing costs when selling […]

1031 tax deferred exchange

Are you debating if you should do a 1031 tax deferred exchange? A 1031 exchange is a way that the Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to sell a property while deferring capital gains tax if they purchase a like kind property. Here are the 4 reasons people do 1031 tax deferred exchanges: To delay/avoid capital […]

5 Awesome Tips For Selling A Vacation Home on Kauai

Read my top tips for selling a vacation home on Kauai. These are easy tips that will go a long way.   Every seller wants to get the most amount of money for their property when selling right? These tips will definitely help with selling a vacation rental home on Kauai or really anywhere! I’ve […]

CPR Developer Sales in Hawaii

When creating a CPR there are a few things the developer needs to do before selling the property for the first time. Refer to my previous blog for the definition of a CPR. These legal requirements need to be completed in order to sell. A developer is a person who develops a real estate condominium […]

Improving a Pre-FIRM Home on Kauai

In my last blog I explained Pre-FIRM homes are homes built before Nov. 4, 1981. This date is when the county of Kauai joined the National Flood Insurance Program. Anything built after Nov. 4, 1981 is considered Post-FIRM. Pre-FIRM homes are “Grand fathered” and may not conform to present day code. These Pre-FIRM homes are allowed […]

Department of Health Proposed Cesspool Rules on Kauai

The Department of Health (DOH) is proposing new cesspool rules on Kauai for homes and businesses. These rules would be: No installing new cesspools. Upon the sale of property a cesspool must be converted to a septic within 180 days. Installing a new septic would cost around $15,000. Most buyers don’t have $15,000 to spend […]

7 Year Long Sale I Mean Short Sale

Last year on April 18th, 2013 my Broker let me re-new an expired listing that was already listed with Kauai Dreams Realty. I was so excited because this was my first listing ever. Little did I know about short sales at the time but I was determined. A short sale is when the bank agrees […]

Why Does My Kauai House Not Have a Certificate of Occupancy?

Why does my Kauai House not have a Certificate of Occupancy?   This Kauai house for sale has its CO. An agent in my office had a transaction where an agent from another company was representing the buyer of the home. My agent came to me and said the buyer is complaining that the house does not have a […]

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