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Opportunity in the Opportunity Zone on Kauai

  Apparently there is a new way investors can defer their taxes. Recently from a client I heard of the term “Opportunity Zone”. They informed me that one of my listings was in the opportunity zone. I had never heard of an opportunity zone prior to this conversation.   What is an Opportunity Zone? Each […]

3 Kauai Properties I Would Never Buy Being a Kauai Real Estate Agent

Generally speaking a person really can’t go wrong purchasing real estate on Kauai. Why? Because we don’t have much and there isn’t new real estate being built! Kauai properties appreciate like crazy. Even people who purchase a property then sell the next year usually break even or make some profit. With that said there are […]

Cesspool to Septic Tank Conversion in Hawaii

This blog is all about cesspool’s and septic tanks in Hawaii and my experience switching over. Recently (2022) I converted my cesspool to a septic tank. Supposedly this will be a mandatory requirement in Hawaii by 2050. You can read more about that here. I decided to switch over for a few reasons. The main […]

Kauai Dreams Realty’s 25th Anniversary

Today July 1, 2022 is Kauai Dreams Realty’s 25th Anniversary. I started Kauai Dreams Realty on July 1, 1997. Prior I was Broker in Charge of Na Pali Properties in Kapa’a under the tutelage of Michael Ching (Ching Young Village). Mike was a great mentor and boss, but the office needed updating, and I thought […]

Imposter Sellers Trying to Trick Listing Agents – Real Estate Scam

A month ago… I got an email from Aaron Ramson (False name to protect the real owner’s identity). Aaron went on to say that he wanted to sell his property a vacant piece of land in Koloa. Like any real estate agent, I was excited about a new listing lead. I immediately looked up the […]

Oceanfront Homes on Kauai

Owning an oceanfront home on Kauai is a dream to some and a reality for others.  There’s nothing more breathtaking, more relaxing, more rewarding then owning a little grass shack or a magnificent estate on Kauai, Hawaii’s coast.   The video above is of our newest Kauai oceanfront listing at 4271 Anini Road on Kaua’s north […]

What to Fix When Selling A House – Where to Spend Your Time and Energy

Doing updates and repairs to a property can bring a properties value up. However doing certain things can not pay off as expected. Meaning the cost of the repair/remodel can outweigh the amount of money the seller would be getting in return. Therefore many people are left with the question of what to fix and […]

Should You Become A Real Estate Agent? First know these 5 very important facts on becoming a real estate agent

Should I become a real estate agent? That might be a question that you are asking yourself. I regularly get questions on how to become a real estate agent. What I’ve realized is that most people do not know a few very important facts before getting started. Some unfortunately spend the money and time to […]

Fee Simple vs Leasehold Hawaii Explanation

In this blog, I will explain the difference between fee simple vs leasehold. While searching for homes online you have probably come across some properties that say this is a leasehold condo or this is a fee simple condo. In this blog, I will be explaining the difference between fee simple vs leasehold in Hawaii. […]

The Most Expensive Homes in Kauai and Why They Are Expensive!

This blog is all about the most expensive homes in Kauai.     The luxury real estate market in Hawaii is probably one of the best places to live in the world! Kauai’s luxury real estate market does not mean it’s the nicest home. There are a lot of different factors that determine what makes […]

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