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Everything you need to know for Buying a Home on Kauai

From first-time homebuyer tips to investor purchasing tips to lender recommendations. Every home buyer should read these blogs.

Buying Kauai Real Estate for your Retirement Plan

You Can Own Kauai Real Estate in your IRA: Most working people have socked money into their retirement plans. Most of these retirement plans consist of stocks, bonds mutual funds, cash and annuities. But did you know you can own Kauai real estate for your retirement plan? I do and over the years it’s been […]

Short Term Vacation Rental Property Managers in Poipu Kauai

This blog is all about vacation rental property managers in Poipu Kauai. Here I have information, my thoughts, and opinions about picking a short-term property manager in Poipu, Kauai. Short-term or vacation rentals are considered anything rented out less than a 6-month lease. Long-term rentals on Kauai are considered a 6-month lease or longer. Why […]

Everything To Know About Wailua Bay View Condos

This blog is all about Wailua Bay View resort/condos. I also have linked a YouTube video where you can see the inside of this unit I have for sale unit 302.       All About Wailua Bay View  The Project There are a total of 46 units at Wailua Bay View. The project is […]

The Median Price of a home on Kauai, November 2021.

The Median price of a single family house on Kauai for November 2021 rose to  $1,213,000. I believe this is the highest Median monthly number to date for Kauai. Although this might seem high, the good news is $1,213,000. can still buy you a substantial house. Kauai house for $1,295,000: This house in upper Kapahi […]

Fee Simple vs Leasehold Hawaii Explanation

In this blog, I will explain the difference between fee simple vs leasehold. While searching for homes online you have probably come across some properties that say this is a leasehold condo or this is a fee simple condo. In this blog, I will be explaining the difference between fee simple vs leasehold in Hawaii. […]

7 Important Facts On Kauai Real Estate That You Need To Know

Want to know a quick rundown on Kauai real estate? These facts explain everything you need to know before starting your property search.  Buying real estate is super exciting! As a homeowner and Realtor, I know that there is so much to learn and every market is unique, especially on Kauai. Whether you are a […]

Kauai Lenders and Loan Officers

Why use a lender on Kauai? If you are thinking about purchasing land, a home or a condo on Kauai. Here a few reasons why I recommend working with a Kauai lenders or loan officers. 1. They are Familiar with our Idiosyncrasies For example, Kauai has many Condominium Property Regimes (CPR’s) and Condo-Hotels (condo-tels). Most […]

1031 tax deferred exchange

Are you debating if you should do a 1031 tax deferred exchange? A 1031 exchange is a way that the Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to sell a property while deferring capital gains tax if they purchase a like kind property. Here are the 4 reasons people do 1031 tax deferred exchanges: To delay/avoid capital […]

Advantages of Homeownership on Kauai

Looking for a way to homeownership on Kauai? Its Possible! See our flier for our up coming class below.   Security – Security is the state from being free from danger or threat. Land lords are allowed to give their tenant’s a 45 day notice for any reason unless their is a lease protecting the […]

Hanamaulu and New Construction Homes at Ho’oluana

Hanamaulu Housing Project, Ho’oluana. With Market Priced Homes and Affordable Homes for Sale.

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