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Buying Kauai Real Estate for your Retirement Plan

You Can Own Kauai Real Estate in your IRA:

Most working people have socked money into their retirement plans. Most of these retirement plans consist of stocks, bonds mutual funds, cash and annuities. But did you know you can own Kauai real estate for your retirement plan? I do and over the years it’s been one of my best retirement investments.

My Experience with New Direction:

The KBR unit I/ND owned

Being self employed most of my retirement plans are in a SEP IRA. I searched for a company that serviced real property retirement plans and found NEW DIRECTION (ND). Dan at ND has been great an opened an account for me in 2013. I/ND bought a Kauai Beach Resort condo for my retirement plan at a foreclosure auction for $45,643 and closing costs. It produced income every month and I/ND sold it in 2015 for $85,000 and closing costs. For 2 years that’s a nice return. But then I couldn’t find another property to buy. I wasn’t prioritizing myself first and was busy selling property to my clients. I finally worked on finding myself a replacement property. A year later I ended up buying a condo in Kona for $115,000. (Plus 10K for sewer connection) Another unit with the same exact floor plan sold for $256,000 last month 10/22. Again I am also getting rental income as well as a generous yearly equity return.

The Kona condo unit I/ND still own

Both my rentals are/were manage by a property manager. (I have never seen my Kona condo). There are rules. This is an investment not a second home. The NEW DIRECTION web site and Dan can explain the other rules. You can cash out of other retirement accounts and transfer them to the New Direction account to have enough to purchase a property. It may be possible to combined your retirement funds with a spouses or another individual to go in on a Kauai real property IRA. Ask Dan or your investment person about that. As a Realtor I have a real estate license and can sell you the real property for your IRA but I do not have a state Securities license. This is just an anecdotal blog about my experience and luck with owning Kauai real estate in my SEP IRA. You should talk to a security advisor about what investment is right for you.

I can tell you that the owner ND website is user friendly. I can login and see my account balance, pay bills, and ask questions all on-line. I have been very happy with all the staff at ND. They have my personal recommendation but you should interview other companies too. I get no compensation for promoting or referring ND.

What’s right for me may not be right for you.

I have done well with my Sep IRA at New Direction. I still currently also own some stocks and mutual funds in my other IRAs with traditional brokerage accounts. But they have been much more volatile. I feel with stocks you really need to be on top of it and know when to sell. I do tend to buy “safe” socks but one stock I bought was actually de-listed and I lost a lot of money. With real estate I am always on top of the market.

I can help you find a Kauai property for your IRA and talk about my personal experiences. Call or email me Julie Black RB-14203 808 652-6174, kauaidreams97@gmail.com to represent you in purchasing Kauai Real Estate.

Aloha Julie


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