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WTF Moments in Kauai Real Estate

In my over 37 years as an agent/broker for Kauai real estate, I have had many WTF/WTH moments in Kauai real estate. A doozy came today, 10/28/21, inspiring me to write this post.

On October 3 I was contacted by a homeowner letting me know they are thinking about selling their home. They noticed I have a home a block away for sale and wanted to meet on Sunday morning to discuss. Prior to that next  Sunday, we had a Zoom meeting to discuss various aspects of selling and additionally I went to their house that week to see the property. By next Sunday I was prepared for my listing presentation. We met at my office and went over marketing, pricing and prepping the property. It went well but they did say they were interviewing other agents. The owners let me know they would get back to me that week Friday. Friday came and went and a text came on Monday saying they needed another week to decide. On Thursday, October 21st at approximately 10:00am when I was in gym class, KAC, the seller called leaving me the message that they have decided to go with another firm, OSIR (acronym). I texted him back that I got his message, am disappointed but OSIR is a good company and I wish them the best of luck.


So I was disappointed but you can’t win them all. You just keep on moving forward. Kauai real estate is not for the thin skinned and after 37 years of real estate my skin is really thick. Today (10/28/21) the listing came on the market under “preview mode”. That’s when agents can see it but the general public can not. It was listed 50K higher than my AS IS recommendation. Well that makes sense, many owners go with the listing agent who gives the highest price. But then I read some more and was shocked. The co-listing agent was the owner. WTH. Well maybe there was a reasonable explanation. Such as that he just activated his license with the listing firm. So I called the Kauai Board of Realtors and asked Toni did owner/agent  just sign up with the Board. She said no. He has been with OSIR since 2019. WTF Really. An agent albeit not his full-time job, never disclosed he was an active agent when asking me to present my marketing plan on a Sunday. I don’t mind working on Sundays, for my clients, not  someone pretending to be one.

Immediately after my discovery I called my daughter/broker Kela Caspillo. She responded “I was just going to call you”. We had a good laugh and decided I had some new material for a blog. I think this blog maybe a continuous venting forum for me to vent my WTH/WTF Kauai real estate moments in the future.


If you are interested in Selling, Buying or just have a questions about Kauai real estate, please give me a call 808 652-6174, text or email me at julie@kauaidreams.com.


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