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9 Must Have Hawaii Home Essentials to Make Your Life Easier

There are a few essential items for living in Hawaii that will make your home life easier. Does your home have any of these items on this Hawaii home essentials list?

hawaii home essentials

Hawaii has a very unique environment. Living here for all of my life on Kauai I have discovered a few essential items that make life a lot easier! This post is about Hawaii home essentials that will make your life easier if you are living in Hawaii. Slippers aka Flip flops are a given. This post is talking about everything home-related.

After reading this post you will be fully prepared for living in Hawaii. I do get a tiny commission from these links if you purchase an item.


Hawaii Home Essentials Must-Haves

1. De-humidifier

Hawaii is very humid! Humidity is moisture in the air. Therefore the inside of your home is fairly moist unless it’s regulated by an AC unit or has really good airflow. I’m 100% sure there is at least one room or area of your home that does not get great airflow.

I love this dehumidifier. My clothes, shoes, and handbags, etc. used to get so moldy. With this de-humidifier, the mold in my bedroom has greatly decreased. You will be shocked how often it gets filled up with water that’s in the air. This de-humidifier is small and compact which I love. It does need an electrical outlet to work. It’s the #1 item on this Hawaii home essentials list for a reason! 


2. Composter

Living in Hawaii we eat a ton of fresh produce. A composter is essential. Do not throw vegetable or fruit scraps in the trash can. Unfortunately, they do not compost or break down in the landfill. An essential part of composting is air and in the landfill, the produce scraps do not get any air.

This composter is visually appealing for any kitchen. I love this composter! When it fills up you take it out to a composter outside like the one below. Or if you are on Kauai we actually have people who will pick up your compost for you for free!

Learn more at www.compostkauai.org for free compost pick up on Kauai!

3. Outdoor Composter

This is a Hawaii home essential must if you want to make a garden or grow vegetables!

When you fill up your kitchen compost bin it’s time to take it outside to your larger outside composter. To be honest I have not tried this composter yet and plan to put in my order soon.

The county of Kauai does provide a free composter to residents. However, I do not like their composter. The main reason is that it does not spin. In order to make good compost, the compost is supposed to be mixed. So if you have a county composter that doesn’t move you have to manually mix it with a shovel. That is time-consuming and too dirty for me. Therefore getting a composter that spins solves that problem.

4. Dyson Vacuum

I know these vacuums are pricey! They are worth every penny in my opinion. Living in Hawaii there is so much dust and dirt. Add in the trade winds and your home is dusty and dirty often. Another thing I love about this vacuum is that it’s so easy! Literally, it’s so lightweight and there is no cord you need to worry about. It makes cleaning the floors so easy.

This is a must-have if you have pets as well! I honestly thought these were super pricy and now I realize they are worth every penny.

5. Covered Clothes Line

In Hawaii, we are always wet. From going to the beach or the rain or just from the water hose. Outside clothes lines are so convenient. One of your porches or lanai is even more convenient. I recommend using this clothesline under a covered porch or in a garage. This one is retractable so it can retract after its use if you don’t want to see a line.

Some subdivisions on Kauai do not allow clothes hanging. However, if you have one on your back lanai or garage where people cannot see it usually works out fine.

6. Baskets

Everyone needs baskets for their home! There are so many cute ones nowadays and it’s so easy to hide clutter and be organized with baskets. I recommend seagrass, cloth, or wire baskets. They have a better aesthetic and it’s nice to avoid buying plastic in general especially on an island. Banaleaf baskets look nice however they get moldy quick here.

7. Sound Machine

This one is a little random. However, sleeping with a sound machine is amazing! My neighbor is always talking about a rooster that is outside crowing early in the morning. I did grow up in Hawaii/Kauai so I am somewhat immune to the sound of roosters. In general, tho unless your neighbors are far away here we do hear sounds easily.

Most of our windows are openly living in Hawaii and sounds come through. Did you know that we actually wake up multiple times throughout the night even if you think you sleep through the night? A sound machine helps link our sleep cycles. If you have trouble sleeping or wake easily from noises this is a must! I love this sound machine and use the white noise setting.

8. A good shower cleaner!

I’m not sure if this is a Hawaii thing or an everywhere thing. Our showers get dirty! Especially with that red dirt that stains white showers. I used to scrub and scrub and scrub. Until I got smart and just asked my cleaners what products they used for what. This was the recommendation from my cleaner for showers and it’s amazing. It takes the dirt and hard water off my tub way better than the products I used before.

9. Battery Powered Fan

Battery-powered fans have saved me in the past! Last summer it was so hot and the electricity kept going out. So all of the fans turned off and it was so hot! Luckily I had a battery-powered fan to keep my son cool who was taking his nap. Kauai’s electricity doesn’t turn off often. However, when it does turn off it can usually be out for hours at a time. Even if you do not have a baby this will come in handy.


This blog post is all about Hawaii home essentials to make your home life a little bit easier. 

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