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Hurricane Lane, Serial Murders & Kauai Real Estate

With lots of warning and time to prepare for the threating Hurricane Lane to the Hawaiian Islands, I prepared for upcoming storm. Not by filling my gas tank or buying cases of water but by walking to the library to stock up on reading supplies. The last major Hurricane to hit Kauai in 1992 left me with no electricity at my home for 45 days. I wanted to be prepared for boredom. So I checked out 4 books and put a couple of the 5 gallon water bottles from the water office cooler in my car and heading home on Thursday afternoon.

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Boarded windows in Leilani’s room.

Although the electricity wasn’t wavering, and as my husband was cutting pieces of plywood, I started my reading sojourn with My Life Among the Serial Killers by Helen Morrison, MD. It’s a captivating albeit someone gruesome read. The doctor spends her professional life searching for the answer to what makes a serial killer tick in hopes to understand, profile and possibly prevent more of this activity.


In reading this book I was expecting to be fascinated, which I was, but I wasn’t expecting to encompass real estate references.

The first one was in regards to convicted rapist/murderer Bobby Joe Long. According to Dr. Morrison: “Longs methodology in these attacks often centered around the pretense of responding to an advertisement in the local newspaper, sometimes for the sale of bedroom furniture, sometimes for the sale of a house.

One of the other profiled rapist/killers was the good-looking Michael Lee Lockhart who told unsuspecting teens that he was a real estate agent in Florida developments. According to Lockhart “It gave me an excuse to go up to the house in the first place.

I think the real estate content in this book is a warning in it’s self. I don’t have to spell it out. But I do always vocalize to owners and tenants in homes that are for sale to never let anyone in unless there is an appointment. I will always tell you if there is an appointment and the name of the Kauai Realtor or Kauai Home Inspector.

There is a happy ending to this story. Hurricane Lane barely breathed on Kauai. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful island with wonderful people. But hurricane season is not over yet. Be prepared and Stay Safe. In this case safety applies to both hurricane season and smart real estate policies.

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