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What is it like to live in Kilauea, Kauai?

Lush mountain views

Living on the north shore is peaceful. Oftentimes so peaceful that a drive to Kapa’a or Lihue just doesn’t seem worth it. When you talk to many north shore residents you should not be surprised if it’s been months since they have driven out of the north shore. Kauai north shore residents eventually make the trip to Lihue for a Costco/Home Depot run or a medical appointment.

Besides peaceful I always think of the north shore as clean. The green pastures of Kilauea from Waipake up to Anini Vista are beautiful and never dry. The rain keeps Kauai’s north shore tropical and refreshed. The oceans waters are a brilliant blue and the trade winds keep the air breathable. Most of us sleep with the windows open so the trade winds can keep us cool at night.

Kilauea despite the lack of sidewalks is a good walking town. The Ahuimanu center in Kilauea offers the Kilauea Market, Java Kai coffee, a fitness center, and new Sway Home furnishings store. The classic stone building and Kung Lung shopping center also offer shopping all within walking distance. Kilauea town has an elementary school, doctor’s office (North Shore Medical Center), pharmacy and other essential services. I have spent many days at the Kilauea Gym watching my daughters play basketball and at the neighboring park watching them play soccer. This small town feel is perfect for anyone wishing to escape the city and be part of a real community.

Life in Kilauea Kauai

Kilauea town

On the Kalihiwai Ridge lots are generally larger and you may get the privacy you desire.  Many properties have mountain views and some have ocean views in the distance. The properties are zoned agriculture and give you the ability to grow food on your property. The Jungle atmosphere on some properties allows tropicals to thrive. Enjoy monstera, heliconia, and ginger growing freely in the yard. Whether you are beachfront or Mountainside the beach is never far away. Anin’i or Kalihiwai beach are a short drive away to enjoy your beach time. The Kilauea Ridge is unique in that you can be surfing the blue waters one moment to saddling up your horse the next.

Because of its desirability, Kilauea prices have gone up in the past few years. This link will bring you to a list of Kilauea properties from Waipake to Anini Vista. 

Let us know if you have questions about life in Kilauea, Kauai or surrounding North Shore properties. Living here can transformed your life in so many ways for the better.


Julie Black RB-14203, Kaua’i Dreams Realty kauaidreams97@gmail.com

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