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By filling out the details below we will be able to send you a free Competitive Market Analysis of your Kauai Property. This is a great way to find out the approximate value of your Kauai Home or Property in today’s Kauai real estate market. All of the information submitted below will be kept confidential.


    Tips for Selling Kauai Homes, Tips for Selling Kauai Condos, Tips for Selling Kauai Property

    1. De-cluttering: De-cluttering is important for a handful of reasons! The first reason being, a Kauai property buyers purchase is an emotional purchase. Seeing a property cluttered with personal belongings or trash will not give a poor emotional feeling about the property. Buyers want to imagine where their items will go in a home or condo.

    2. Having a Property be Financeable: 70% of Residential properties were financed for this past month of November 2018. Showing that most Kauai buyers are getting some type of financing. Most banks will not lend on properties that have a large and obvious repair. Such as holes in the walls, roof, or flooring, exposed electrical wires or exposed plumping. In order to get as many offers as possibly it needs to be able to qualify for all different types of finances like Veterans Administration Loans, USDA loans, FHA loans and Conventional Financing.

    3. Showing Availability: Most buyers want to view the property before deciding to make a purchase, especially if the property is a residential home. Properties that are more likely to sell sight unseen are small condos that have a standard look and floor plan. Tenants, vacationers or even a listing agent with an inflexible schedule can prohibit showings. In order to receive offers most buyers will want to see the property in person first.

    4. Pricing the Property Right: A Realtor is there to help a Kauai seller determine a listing price by showing the seller comparable properties and sharing their opinion. The list price amount is always the owners decision not the Realtors. Kauai buyers will get discouraged if they sense that a property is overpriced and may not even want to view it for that reason. Without seeing the property a buyer wont want to make an offer, even if the seller is willing to negotiate.  Marketing efforts will be ineffective if a property is overpriced. This is why its important to list a property right when it first comes on the market.

    5. Using a Realtor: There are many benefits to using a Realtor like guiding a person through the above steps and the entire selling process. Next I’ll name two big reasons why its important to use a Realtor to sell your Kauai property. 

    Listing your property with a Realtor!

    Purchasing a property through a Realtor is like buying a diamond ring from a high end jewelry store. Selling it yourself is like buying a diamond Ring from a pawn shop. When buyers walk into a pond shop they are expecting to receive a discount. The same is true when someone tries to sell a property themselves without using Realtor representation.

    The buyer expects to receive a discount because there are no sale agents involved. The amount of buyers who are looking for property without a Realtor who are serious is very minimal. Most serious buyers will be working with a real estate agent and want their agent to be involved for their protection. Visa versa when someone goes into a high end jewelry store they expect to pay market price for that diamond ring. Buyers will expect to pay a higher price and to receive great service. When selling a property on Kauai make sure your home is being represented in the best possible way that makes the customer want to pay top dollar for your property.


    Often times Buyers and Sellers are emotionally invested in this process and sometimes showing those emotions can show vulnerability. With having a Realtor we are used to requests made by buyers or sellers and can negotiate without giving all of the cards away. For example: I have experienced this with both seller and buyer. An anxious client will call or text their agent consistently to find out if the opposing party is in agreement to terms, price, etc.

    Imagine if this was projected directly to the other party if my client had no representation. The opposing party could easily get the sense of my clients vulnerability. Perceiving that the person is desperate for an answer and take advantage of that. Who would want that to be the basis of their transaction! Emotions can be high during a real estate transaction its best to have your Kauai agent be your poker face.


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