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Kauai Vacation Rentals – Visitor Destination Zone and Transient Vacation Rental

Can I vacation rental my Kauai property?

Many people want to purchase a property on Kauai hoping to rent it short term. Kauai has strict zoning laws read here to find out which properties can be vacation rented on Kauai. Vacation rented meaning a rental for less than 6 months.

What is the Visitor Destination Zone (VDA)

  • An area that allows properties  to be short term rented (Less than 6 months).

Which properties on Kauai are in the Visitor Destination Area?

  • This can be tricky to find out as there is no map or way to search directly for VDA zones online.
  • Most condo’s near the ocean are in the VDA zone.
  • Princeville (excluding Queen Emma’s bluff) is in the VDA zone.
  • Some areas in Poipu and Kapaa. VDA zones are typically by the beach near other vacation rental condo projects.

How are Random Homes on Kauai being vacation rented? 

  • Those properties have their Transient Vacation Rental Permit (TVR). If you are stay at a vacation rental single family home on Kauai it should have its TRV number posted in front of the home.
  • Approximately over 10 years ago the county of Kauai gave the people of Kauai to turn their home into a vacation rental if it was located in a Residential zone and if they were paying their Transient Accommodation Tax. For those that applied at the time they are now Grandfathered in.
  • The county is no longer allowing anyone to apply for a TVR, that ship has sailed.

Why does Kauai have a VDA zone?

  • The reason why Kauai has a visitor destination zone is to protect local housing supply and to control visitor visits to certain areas of the island.

Can I search online for vacation rentals?

  • The best way I have found is just to search through listings and see if the comments say it can be vacation rented, or ask your Kauai Realtor.

Here are 2 properties that are legal vacation rentals. Let me know if you have any questions on these or on purchasing a vacation rental on Kauai in general. 

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