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Reasons to Buy Vacation Rentals in Poipu Kai

Vacation rentals in Poipu are in high demand right now, especially in Poipu Kai! Poipu Kai is located right behind Poipu Beach Park. Poipu Kai consists of condominiums and individual homes. All of Poipu Kai is located in the visitor destination area (VDA) and therefore are all legal vacation rentals. The resorts inside of Poipu Kai are: Cottages at Poipu Kai, Kahala, Makanui, Manualoha, Poipu Sands, the Villas at Poipu Kai, Regency 1 & 2, and Regency Villas.

When purchasing a vacation rental condo on Kauai there are a variety of factors to consider like…

  • Location / View
  • HOA fee’s
  • Management options
  • Concerns in the project
  • Amenities

When it comes to Poipu Kai all of these boxes are checked.

Location / View

The location is the top reason why I would recommend Poipu Kai. Its a short and nice walk on a green belt to Poipu Beach. Yet set back enough from the ocean where there aren’t any concerns for erosion. Visitors are willing to pay more for the location and view that they want. Most of the condos in Poipu Kai don’t have ocean views from inside of the unit. However the location makes up for the lack of view and most visitors don’t mind since the beach is so close.

HOA Fees

The HOA fees here are average. There are two fees the Poipu Kai resort fee which includes security and maintenance of the grounds including the pool and tennis courts. Then the fees for the project itself. In general on Kauai the maintenance fees for condominiums cover the insurance and upkeep of the outside of the building, its grounds and amenities (each condo project also has its own amenities),  sewer, trash, and water.

Management Options

Vacation rental management options at Poipu Kai are flexible. Owners are free to use their own management company or manage themselves if they are an on-island resident. This is great because owners have a variety of options. From hiring a licensed company, hiring a friend on island (as long as they are only managing for one owner), owners managing themselves if living on island. The state requires the property manager to be on island.


Right now I don’t know of any special assessments or concerns for these condos. The exteriors of all of the projects are very well kept. Overall Poipu Kai is very well maintained.


Poipu Kai has its own pool and tennis courts which anyone staying in at Poipu Kai can use. The individual condos have their own amenities which vary. All of the apartment style condos have their own pool and hot tub.


Vacation rentals in Poipu Kai

Green belt at Poipu Kai

If wanting to purchase a vacation rental on Kauai Poipu Kai is a great choice in my opinion. To bring in a good monthly income and for long term appreciation. Quickly looking at some income statements I have in hand for a one bedroom condo in Poipu Kai. This unit brought in approx. $51,700 in 2018, $43,417 in 2019, and $15,000 in 2020. The condition and location of this unit is average with a view of the grass and other units.


Thinking about selling your Poipu Kai condo?

Right now (Summer 2021) the market is scarce on inventory for vacation rentals in Poipu Kai and in Poipu in general. If you are thinking about selling your vacation rental in Poipu it is also a good time.

Do you have any questions on the process of selling a property on Kauai? Property values have increased in 2021.

Click here to get a free market analysis of your Poipu Kai condo. Or any condo/property!

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