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Living near the ocean on Kauai VS. Living near the mountains on Kauai

Living next to the ocean vs. Living next to the mountains

Mauka Vs. Makai

Do you want to know what it’s like living next to the ocean or living next to the mountains on Kauai? Both are beautiful and both lets say have their “benefits” and “drawbacks”. Really these “drawbacks” are not too bad when living on Kauai. I love hearing people say that it is their dream to live right on the ocean. Living on a small island my whole life I never had that dream because the beach was never too far away.

When I hear people say they want to live near the mountains who are not from Kauai I get a little thrown off. Just because I’m used to hearing “I want an ocean view” all day long. I’ve got to say myself I’m a mauka girl and would prefer to live in the mountains on Kauai. Although I love camping on the beach. In other words ill take the beach house and the valley home!


Makai – Ocean side 


Kekaha Sunset

~ The obvious its a quick walk to the beach! Surf checks, swimming.

~Long walks on the beach and sunrises & sunsets.

~Large ocean views from the property.

~Doesn’t rain as much, always a breeze.


Drawbacks – 

~Everything Rusts!

~Not as private (depending on location). On Kauai most of our towns are close to the ocean.

~The home might be located in the flood/tsunami zone. You would have to evacuate if Kauai ever has a tsunami warning. Flood insurance can also be costly.


Mauka – Mountain 

Hiking in Hanalei


~Cooler temperatures year around.

~Rains more a lot more lush, someone doesn’t have to water their yard.

~Can have more private locations and large acreage versus properties near the ocean.

~Sometimes close to mountain hiking trails.

~Possible mountain, waterfall, valley and stream views.

~In hurricanes sometimes the mountains protect and shield homes from the wind.


~Certain fruit trees like mango’s and lychee don’t grow well here. (really is a bummer)

~Personal belongings & home can get moldy quickly, due to the moisture in the air.

~Some properties near rivers can be in a flood zone.



Living next to the mountains or ocean are both great and both can come with their drawbacks. I suggest purchasing a property next to what you like to do most. If a person rather walk on the beach, swim or surf I would recommend the ocean. If someone likes to hunt, go hiking, gardening I would suggest near the mountains. Most of our higher end homes on Kauai are either located near the ocean or mountains.

Also keep in mind this is a small island and depending on the town you are in you are not far from the ocean or the mountains. In most towns on Kauai. For example in Kapaa and Wailua someone can live close to the mountains and only be a 10-15 minute drive to the ocean.

Do you have any questions about living next to the ocean or the mountains on Kauai? Feel free to ask!

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