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Kauai Foreclosures, Kauai REO List January 2018

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

This is my monthly Kauai REO, Kauai Foreclosures Blog. It is a compilation all Kauai MLS listed bank owned properties. It is updated at least once a month or more if the Kauai REO activity has increased.

Upcoming Kauai REOs:

I decided to add a category of Upcoming Kauai REOs. Most of them don’t have prices and can not yet be seen. However if this is a property you think you might be interested in you can email me julie@kauaidreams.com or call 808 652-6174 and I will notify you when it is on the market. However if you are working with another agent, have them email me. They will be notified. My time is for my clients. But I do cooperate fully with other agents.

Kilauea HousesKilauea Kauai REO

  1. 4486 Malulani St, Kilauea. Remodeled  home with a family room/studio attached. Back of house borders the highway. $595,000 Owned by Goldman Sachs.

1231 Nohea ForeclosureKakela Makai house

 2. 1231 Nohea St, Kakela Makai, Kalaheo. 3/2 newer home with unfinished downstairs. Ocean views, Serviced by SPS Loan Servicing. No price yet. Pics are of front and back of house.

Active Kauai REOs, Kauai MLS Listed: (highlighted mls numbers are links)

  1. 3830 Hanapepe Road, Hanapepe. Termite ridden multi family $331,500.  MLS# 613554 Owned by  DEUTSCHE BANK .
  2. 1904 Leleiona St, Lihue/Puhi. 6/3.5 home. $574,900. MLS#613854. Owned by Freddie Mac.
  3. Gallo Pl, Kalaheo. 2 bedroom 1 bath on top with a bedroom 1 bath studio below. MLS#610706  Reduced. $699,900. Owned by Selling Finance.
  4. 1633 Kuahale St, Kapaa 3/2,5 house. $470,000. MLS#613706. Owned by PennyMac.
  5. 4594-A Haleilio Rd, Wailua Houselots, 2/2 sold occupied. $445,000 MLS#613413. Owned by HSBC BANK USA .
  6. 3292-D Kalihiwai Road. 4 bedroom 4 bath estate. $3,995,000. MLS# 607132. Owned by Bankcentre Corp.


  1. 4671 Palila Loop, Kekaha. Legal Duplex $577,500. MLS# 613241. Owned by Bayview Servicing.
  2. 5146 Hanalei Plantation Road, Princeville 3/2.5 home with view. $980000. MLS# 613246. Owned by Nationstar.
  3. Kauai Beach Resort # 1329. studio condo $69,900. MLS# 612025 Serviced by Select Portfolio Servicing.
  4. Cliffs at Princeville #1104. 1 bedroom 2 bath condo. $305500. MLS#611905. Owned by Altisource.
  5. 4592 Nanamua St., Kekaha. 4 bedroom 1.5 bath home. $285,000.  MLS#607946.  Owned by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association, Government.
  6. 2198 Ioela St, Kilauea. 5 bedroom 4bath home with views of Kilauea Valley & the ocean. Reduced$799,900. MLS#610218. Serviced by SPS Loan Servicing.
  7. 3166 Akahi St, Lihue. 2 bedoom 1.5 bath. $395000. MLS#611767. Owned by Fannie Mae.
  8. 1791-A Makaleha Pl, Kapaa. 3 bedroom 4 bath 2 story home with lock-out. $821,500. MLS#611296. Owned by Altisource.
  9. 3222 Inouye St., Lihue. 6 bedooms 2 bath. $325000. MLS#611991. Owned by Bank of New York Mellon.
  10. 4546 Ehako St, Lawai 3/2 fixer. $334,900 MLS#613243. Owned by Bank of America.

Kauai REO-Foreclosures SOLD for December 2017:

  1. 1743 Kaehulua Rd., Kapaa.  4 bedroom 2 bath home. MLS#608519.  $260,000. It’s cheap for a reason. Owned by Federal National Mortgage Association. Sold for $260,000 Renovation loan on 12/8/17.
  2. 8924 Kekaha Rd., Kekaha. 3 bedroom 2 bath home. $384,900.  MLS#608007.  Owned by The Bank of New York Mellon. Sold for $389,900 CNV on 12/15/17.

According to Kauai’s MLS there was a total of 1176 sales of Kauai fee simple properties in 2017. 44 of those were REO sales. Thats just 3.74% of the inventory. The figures will probably be similar for 2018 before the Kauai REO market takes a dive in 2019 due to the banks finally catching up on their defaulting mortgages.

If you are not happy with your current Realtor please give me a call. I frequently get calls from people inquiring about property. I’ll answer a question or two and then ask them if they are working with another Realtor. Often they say “yes” but…  “their too busy”. “they don’t answer my calls” etc. If your Realtor is to busy to help you then you need to find a new Realtor. I’m here to commit to my clients who will commit to me but am also happy to work with cooperating Realtors. Everyone is welcomed to read my blogs. Unfortunately comments have to be disabled due to all the spammers. Wishing you all the best in 2018. Hopefully we can work together this year. ALOHA JULIE

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