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Additional Rental Units on Kauai

County of Kauai’s new Additional Rental Unit (ARU)

“I feel like Im saying this for every listing I have this kitchen is also not supposed to be here…” ~ words from another Kauai Realtor.

With the County’s ARU now maybe that kitchen can be allowed to be there. There is some information to know before attempting to get an ARU. All of which can be found at www.kauai.gov

Here are some important points:

1. Must be Residential zoning

2. 800 sq. ft. max, must have at least 1 parking stall

3. Must be long term 6 months or more

4. Cannot CPR an ARU

5. Must have an updated waste water system. (Septic or sewer)

To get an ARU most likely wont be as simple as it sounds plans/surveys of the property will also have to be done.

So far no ones actually completed one since I’ve talked to the county this month Feb. 2019. – Update Since Ive written this article: At the last Kauai Board of Realtors general membership meeting (June 2019) a county council member mentioned that they just got their ARU for their Lihue home. The total cost of completing the ARU was around $20,000. The county is currently trying to find ways to make this more affordable. 

To my knowledge the county is not going door to door looking for illegal kitchens. They will look online! According to one of the county directors they have one worker in charge of cracking down on homes with illegal long term rentals and a hand full of employee’s actively seeking illegal vacation rentals. 

Market Update

Jan. 2018 vs. Jan. 2019: Residential homes median sales prices in all areas except Lihue and Hanalei have been up in 2019. Hanalei also had a lot less sales compared to 2018, this could be due to the April 2018 floods. Lihue Residential sales are 17% down in price, this is due to the lack of sales and inventory in Lihue.. Kauai island Condo sales are up 98.26% from Jan. 2018 to Jan. 2019. Wow. Kawaihau Residential homes have a 19% increase which is about $100k from the year before in the median sale price.



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