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Kauai Foreclosures, Kauai REO Properties List June 2019

Active Kauai REOs, Kauai MLS Listed: (highlighted MLS numbers are links).

Kauai Foreclosure

  1. 5158 Kome St., Kapaa. 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. $309,000. MLS#629344. Owned by US Bank N.A.
  2. 4555 Apopo Rd., Kapaa. 6 acres with multiple structures. One of the structure is shown above. $644,000. MLS#629513. Owned by PMC REO Financing Trust.
  3. 4174 Waipua St., Kilauea. 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. $606,900. MLS#629145. Owned by The Bank of New York Mellon.
  4. 2135 Peleleu St., Kalaheo. 3 bedroom 2 bath home. $399,000. MLS#628772. Owned by MTGLQ Investors LP.
  5. 381 Molo St., Kapaa. 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home. Reduced to $549,500. MLS#628336. Owned by US Bank NA.
  6. 4400 Ahopueo Dr. Kalaheo. 4 bedroom 3 bath home. MLS# 626373. Reduced to $664,900. Owned by CITIMORTGAGE INC.
  7. 5620 Ohelo Rd., Kapaa. 4 bedroom 2.5 bath. MLS# 626783. Reduced to $489,900. Owned by US BANK NATIONAL  ASSOC.
  8. 3811 Edward Rd. #2310, Princeville. 1 bedroom 2 bath. MLS#619344. $249,900. Owned by NMF INVESTMENTS LLC.
  9. 3-3400 Kuhio Hwy. #B108A, Lihue. Studio 1 bath. MLS# 626557. Reduced to $125,000. Owned by US BANK TRUST NA.
  10. 3888 Gallo Place, Kalaheo. 3 bedroom 3 bath. Reduced to $569,900. MLS# 629468. Owned by US Bank National Association.
  11. 8322 Mahiko Pl, Kekaha. 4 bedroom 1 bath home. MLS# 625812. Reduced to $284,900. Owned by NEW CENTURY HOME EQUITY LOAN TRUST 2006.
  12. 4938 Laipo Rd., Kapaa. 6 bedroom 3 bath home. Reduced to $465,000. MLS#622769. Owned by US BANK N A.
  13. 9825 Uuku Road, Waimea. 3 bedroom 1.5 bath. Reduced to $375,900. MLS# 619810. Owned by Federal National Mortgage Association.
  14. 6546 Kuamoo Rd, Kapaa. 4 bedroom 3 bath home on 3 acres sold occupied. MLS# 622736. Reduced to $621,300.WILMINGTON TRUST NA TRS, c/o:NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE.


  1. 4630 Kanaele Rd, Kapaa. 5 bedroom 3 bath home. MLS# 625519.  Reduced to $399,000. Owned by WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY FSB, Trustee.
  2. 4650-A Uha Rd., Lawai.  1 bedroom 1 bath. MLS# 626578. Reduced to $425,000. Owned by WELLS FARGO USA.
  3. 4406 Punee Rd. #0001, Koloa. 6 bedroom 3 bath 2 homes. MLS# 625792. $609,900. Owned by US Bank Trust NA.

Kauai REO-Foreclosures SOLD for May 2019:

  1. 5881 Kaapuni Rd., Kapaa. 7 bedroom 3 bath. MLS# 627152. $700,000. Owned by WELLS FARGO BANK. Sold for $808,000. Cash. 05/07/2019.
  2. 5054 A Kula Rd, Kapaa. NEW. 4 bedroom 2 bath. MLS# 627134. Reduced to $387,900. Owned by The Bank Of New York Mellon. Buy via auction.com. Sold for $389,881. Cash. 05/29/2019


There are a number of sites that show “foreclosure properties”. Where some of them have real information, a lot of times it is outdated or premature. I had someone question me today and wanted to see the property at 5943 Ahakea. It’s not listed. I went to the foreclosure sale. It sold for over 300K  it’s value. But the site gave the impression it was available for sale for it’s current value. I have had calls for properties that have sold over 2 years ago. When looking for properties for sale it’s best to look at a Realtors site such as www.kauaidreams.com. Actual foreclosure sales are listed in thegardenisland.com in the classified section.


Are you ready to buy Kauai real estate this year? Perhaps a Kauai foreclosure?  Let us know at Kauai Dreams Realty. We have a great staff, ready to work hard to find you that right property. Call 808 652-6174 or email today julie@hisemail.net .

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