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Kuhio Shores at Poipu Condominiums

Kuhio Shores at Poipu Condominiums:

Kuhio Shores condosKuhio Shores Poipu Condos

One of my favorites condominium projects in Poipu is the Kuhio Shores at Poipu. It is an oceanfront Condominium project located at 5050 Lawai Road,  just west of the Prince Kuhio park in Poipu, Kauai. The condo project is one of the most sought out oceanfront projects due to its location and views. The L shaped building has four stories and sits on a land area of approximately 75002 square feet . The exterior of the building is constructed of cement hollow tile construction with 19 units per floor. Starting from left to right or east to west, the units read units 101, 102, 103,…119. For the second floor 201, 201, 203 …219. The same pattern holds for the 3rd & 4th floors, with the exception of no number 419. Two other units on the 4th floor are larger, taking the space, therefore there is a total of 75 units in the project. Oh and there is an elevator if you don’t want to take the stairs.


Why are Kuhio Shores Condominiums so popular?:

Mainly because of  the Views: Most units have 180 degree views of ocean & surf. The famous surf spot “Prince Kuhio’s” is part of the scenery. It’s easy to get lost in the entertainment of surfers and sea turtles playing in the water. In the winter months watching the whales frolic and breach is breath taking. When the sun is out the water actually glistens with the energy of the ocean and wildlife.

However even with the views of the day the most spectacular views are at sunset. The sun sets to the west and locals and tourists alike come down to the neighboring beach for the evening show. Of course Kuhio Shore at Poipu owners can watch mother’s nature beauty show from the comfort of their balconies.

Kuhio Shores For Sale

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What’s near by Kuhio Shores at Poipu:

Kuhio Shores Condos for Sale

View from unit 302

The Kuhio Shores property is located along Poipu’s desirable Lawai Road oceanfront area. On the mauka (mountain) side of the road going west there is a cemented walking path, ideal for walkers, joggers, baby joggers and wanderers. Also west of the project, sharing a boundary line, is the Beach House Restaurant.  Immediately past the beach House restaurant is a small beach and a great and sheltered snorkeling area. Probably the best snorkeling in Poipu.

Sunset watching, eating, walking, snorkeling, whale watching, it’s all there. But the best reason to own or stay at the Kuhio Shores at Poipu condos is for the immediate access of the surf. The Prince Kuhio surf spot is right in front of the project. I have personally paddled out next door from the wall at the Beach House Restaurant. On small days its great for beginners, children and those just wanting to get wet and catch a few waves. Moreover one of the reason why I like the Prince Kuhio (PKs) surf spot so much is the variety of take off spots. Some surf spots have a designated take off zone which is often crowded with overly aggressive surfers. In contrast PKs, depending on the swell, has multiple take off spots . Immediately west of PKs there are the more advanced surf spots of Centers and Acid Drop. Not recommended for inexperienced surfers.


Looking to Buy or Sell at Kuhio Shores at Poipu?:

Kuhio Shores condos for sale

Interior Kuhio Shores #310

If you are looking to buy a condo in Poipu, Kuhio Shores at Poipu would be one of my top recommendations. The entire condominium project is zoned for vacation rentals, the result being most units will have a strong vacation rental history (Pre Covid).  Let me help you find the right condo. If you are looking to sell your Kuhio Shores condo at Poipu I would love to represent you in your endeavors. Buying or selling I can email you a free market analysis.

Kuhio Shores #310 is a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit of approximately 985 square feet with Lanai. It has been remodeled & updated. As of this posting it is for sale for $1,100,000.



Because of the slower vacation rental market at Kuhio Shores at Poipu Condominiums due to Covid, the rental figures will not be as strong for 2020 and winter of 2021. However the result or benefit of the slower vacation rental market is that many units are vacant and can be easily accessed  for interested buyers. Please let me know if you have any questions about Kuhio Shores at Poipu Condominiums. Aloha Julie Black RB-14203, Kauai Dreams Realty 808 652-6174 julie@kauaidreams.com





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