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Kauai Foreclosures, Kauai REO July 2018 List.

This is my monthly Kauai REO, Kauai Foreclosures Blog. It is a compilation all Kauai MLS listed bank owned properties. It is updated once a month

Upcoming Kauai REOs:

Kauai Foreclosure Punee RdKauai REO house

4406 E AND D PUNEE RD, KOLOA HI 96756. 2 houses attached by a overhang. No price yet.



Active Kauai REOs, Kauai MLS Listed: (highlighted MLS numbers are links)

  1. 3830 Hanapepe Road, Hanapepe. MLS #613554 Termite ridden multi family. Reduced $224,900. Owned by  Deutsche Bank.   Temporarily off the market.
  2. 3887 Gallo Pl., Kalaheo. 3 Bedroom 3 bath. $649,900. MLS#616209 Owned by Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB.
  3. 3691 Albert Rd., Princeville. 3 bedroom 3 bath. $799,000.  MLS#618191 Owned by Onewest Bank FSB.
  4. 4758 Lae Rd. #A, Kalaheo. 1 Bedroom 1 bath on 3 acres. $698,000. MLS# 613705 Owned by Kauai Community FCU.
  5. 3292-D Kalihiwai Road. 4 bedroom 4 bath estate. $3,995,000. MLS# 607132. Owned by Bank Centre Corp.
  6. 5509 Kuamoo Road, Kapaa. 3 Bedroom 2.5 bathroom. Reduced $432,250. MLS#616288 Owned by US Bank National Association. (offer pending)
  7. 4421 Aalona St., Kilauea. 5 Bedroom 2.5 bath. Reduced $549,900. MLS#617501 Owned by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
  8. 5-6581 Kuhio Hwy., Hanalei. 2 Bedroom 2 bath home across the beach in Wainiha. $549900. MLS# 615969 Owned by US Bank. I have been told this house literally had no damage from the storm.
  9. 4-1064 Kuhio Hwy., Kapaa. 3 Bedroom 1 bath home in the heart of Kapaa town. $419,900. MLS# 618523 Owned by Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB
  10. Cliffs at Princeville.  1 bedroom 2 bath LEASEHOLD condo, MLS# 619344. $359,900. Owned by Fannie Mae.
  11. 5360 Puulima Rd, Kalaheo. 2 bedroom 2 bath CPR house. MLS# 619018. $624,000. Owned by US Bank.


  1. 4610 Hauaala Rd., Kapaa. 2 Bedroom 1 bath. $269,500. Has some condition issues but at this price point it’s the best deal on the market.  MLS# 615670 Owned by US Bank Trust.
  2. Hauaala Road, Kapaa. Vacant CPR lot 18,513 sq.ft. $239,900. MLS# 613696 Owned by Kauai Community FCU.
  3. 3296 Kanakolu St., Lihue. 3 Bedroom 2 bath. $515,200. MLS#618071 A HUD Home Owned by the Secretary of HUD US Government.
  4. 5359 Kula Mauu St., Kapaa. 3 Bedroom 2 bath. $354,900. MLS#618114 Owned by Bank of New York Mellon.
  5. 4898 Yamanoha Rd. 13,009 sq.ft. Vacant Land. $262,900.  MLS#618260  Owned by Bank Of America NA.
  6. 5891 Wailaau Rd., Koloa. 5 Bedroom 6 bath home. Reduced$543,100. MLS#617339 Owned by Deutshe Bank National Trust Company.
  7. 2171 #Kelikoli St. #25, Lihue. 3 Bedroom 2.5 bath. $429,000. MLS#616831 Owned by Federal National Mortgage Association.
  8. 4512 Akialoa Rd., Kekaha. 5 Bedroom 4 full & 2 half bath. $950,000. MLS#616064 Owned by Wells Fargo Bank NA.
  9. 824 Akalei St., Eleele. 3 Bedroom 2 bath. $439,900.  MLS#617704 Owned by The Bank Of New York Mellon.
  10. Kauai Beach Resort 2332. Studio ocean view condo. MLS# 619120 $83,200. Owned by Bank of New York Mellon.

Kauai REO-Foreclosures SOLD for June 2018:

  1. 376 Kaholalele Rd., Kapaa. 2 Bedroom 1 bath. $399,900. MLS 617249 Owned by US Bank National Association. Sold for $339,000 CNV on 7/9/18.
  2. 4110 Koloa Rd., Koloa. 3 Bedroom 2 bath with large deck. $549,900. MLS#615864 Owned by Wilmington Savings Fund. Sold for $603,000 Conv. Loan 6/04/2018.
  3. Sealodge II #H6, Princeville. 1 Bedroom 1 bath. $478,400. MLS# 614946 Owned by Wells Fargo. Sold for $473,000 Cash 6/05/18.
  4. 3313 Elima St., Lihue. 3 Bedroom 1.5 bath. $586,900. MLS# 614579 Owned by US Bank Trust NA. Sold for $588,000 FHA Loan 6/07/18.
  5. 5463 Kawaihau Rd., Kapaa. Multi dwelling sold Occupied. MLS#614575. $529,900. Owned by Wells Fargo. Sold for $519,o00 cash on 6/5/18.
  6. 1904 Leleiona St., Lihue. 6 Bedroom 3 1/2 bath. $544,900. MLS# 613854 Owned by Federal National Mortgage Assn. Sold for $485,000 CNV on 6/29/18.

So I am losing some of my Kauai REO stream. 1 company who I shall not name, only pays 1% to 1.75% listing commission. I agreed to this but now they want to charge me $400 a month to receive their REOs. I only get 1 to 3 properties a year from them and my staff and I do an incredible amount of work on the REO listings. There’s weekly inspections, monthly reports, updated Broker Price Opinions, Cash for Key agreements, etc. They will probably be listed with a Big Island or Oahu Realtor who has enough inventory to justify the monthly fee.  There has been more off island Realtors listing Kauai REO properties lately. I don’t think thats smart with the REO companies to list a home with an off island Realtor. Doors may be left open and theres no one to check on it.  Call 808 652-6174 or email me or your agent if you have any Kauai real estate questions.  Aloha Julie

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