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Navigating Appliances and Vendors on Kauai

Navigating Appliances on Kauai can be so Tricky!

Here is why:

navigating appliances on Kauai


In-stock Appliances are a hit or miss

Its a hit or miss but mainly a miss. Home Depot is so up and down with in stock appliances on Kauai. The store could have 5 washers in stock one day then be sold out the next day.

If having to special order the order will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Going 6-8 weeks without any appliances can be very upsetting. There are a few options like getting a temporary used/refurbished appliance. Or getting a new but smaller appliance like if its a fridge. Home Depot usually has mini-fridges in stock.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate appliances on Kauai:

  1. Calling an appliance repair person first: This option only makes sense if your appliance is somewhat newer. They usually do charge around $100 for the service call and diagnosis even if the answer is to buy a new appliance.
  2. Finding a new temporary appliances either on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace which is a big hit or miss.
  3. Calling a refurbish appliance seller. See this link for some recommended by the County of Kauai. I don’t recommend keeping refurbished appliances for long.
  4. Seeing what Costco has in stock or from online order. The only problem with the Costco option is that I am not sure if they will help install if it is something like a washer/dryer that needs installing. However I’ve heard their online order/delivery time is quicker than Home Depot.
  5. Seeing what Home Depot has in stock and making a special order. The good thing about Home Depot is that their vendor who delivers will install and haul away the old appliance for $50. Pick up is usually quicker than delivery however there won’t be help with the install or haul away.
  6. Be sure to get a quote if hiring a vendor! If hiring a vendor like a plumber to purchase and install a washing machine be sure to get a quote beforehand. Recently I hired a vendor to purchase and install a water heater. I assumed they would purchase one from Home Depot. That was not the case. They had their own vendor where they bought the heater from. It costed double what one cost at Home Depot.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to measure your space for any appliance!
  • Check your energy source. If its gas/electric if you need a 3 or 4 prong for a dryer.
  • Plan around Holiday deals for good prices.
  • Washing machines are by far the most common appliance for breakdown. Regular maintenance/cleaning and not overloading the washing machine is so important. I also don’t recommend buying top loaders anymore because those easy get unbalanced and have issues.
  • If buying a stacked washer/dryer make sure they are the same brand.
  • If hiring someone to pick up and install an appliance make sure it is someone that is insured for that kind of work.
  • For where to throw away appliances with the County of Kauai see this link click here!
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