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October 2019 – Happy Halloween!

Nightmares in Kauai Real Estate


Feel like your real estate transaction is a nightmare? ( I hope not! ) Read these real nightmare stories below! 


Ghastly Discovery!

While helping some first time home buyers Kauai Dreams referred this couple to a mortgage lender. The lender came back and told the agent that the couple could not qualify for a home right now because the husband had unpaid child support payments.

The agent then later met with the first time home buyers and told them why they couldn’t qualify. The wife was quick to answer… ” What you have a child??!! ”


The  Spooky Stripper Tenant 

A buyer purchased a foreclosure home decided to let a tenant/squatter stay in the house a few months after closing with the agreement that they would not damage or strip anything from the property. Well the tenant/squatter stayed the extra months and still stripped the property of all its light fixtures, granite, and appliances! Kauai Dreams did not represent buyer or seller and later helped the new owner sell the property.


Chilling Stock Market 

A seller selling their home was well prepared for their sale and sold all of their furniture. The buyers wanted to buy some of it although they were a little too late. Right before closing the stock market crashed and that was where the buyers downpayment was held. The sellers were left with a cancelled deal and no furniture!

The seller’s patience paid off as 2 weeks later they got a higher offer for their home. Kauai Dreams represented the seller.


Witchcraft & Water Meters 

Kauai Dreams representing the sellers. A vacant lot  for sale that needed an installed water meter was in escrow. Commonly with CPR properties the water department will install the first water meter and any others have to be installed by the owner.

Escrow closed without the listing agent being aware, and said to the buyers agent “why did you let them close escrow your buyers water meter is not installed yet! My sellers can take their money and run.” Luckily for the buyers our company and the sellers are good people and continued to deliver & pay for the water meter to get installed.

The engineer who was responsible for installing it had gotten pre-paid for the job and therefore it was not a big priority. After numerous efforts including driving the engineer to the property, because his car broke. After he completed the job he asked the listing agent to borrow money!

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