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Need a Property Manager? Kauai Dreams Realty is looking for new Rentals!!!

Did you know by law you need to have a property manager physically on island? An unlicensed person can manage an unlimited amount of properties for 1 owner. In order to manage properties by 2 or more owners a real estate license is required. Kauai Dreams Realty are looking for more properties to long term rent!


It’s very beneficial to use Hawaii Realtors as Property Managers because they utilize copywritten standard Hawaii Association of Realtors forms for the Rental Agreement, Vacating Instructions & Property Condition Forms. At Kauai Dreams Realty, we also have 2 other addenda with additional terms.


For those who anticipate the worst case scenario, can you imagine having to go to court with documentation that is standard and approved by the NAR and HAR versus documentation that is made up on Microsoft word? I like my chances in court on the former scenario.


As your Property Manager, I will find you qualified tenants, collect rents, manage and disburse funds, conduct annual property inspections, coordinate for general maintenance and repairs, maintain your investment!


I am up to date with the changes in Hawaii Real Estate Law and work alongside Julie A. Black, a Principal Broker who has 35 years of Kauai Real Estate experience. Julie has a vast knowledge of Real Estate on Kauai and we work very closely together in Property Management, giving me useful instruction and information.


Please call Michael Lindsey at (808) 634-4502 or email me at kdrteam2@gmail.comto inquire! Looking forward to meet and work with you! Aloha!!!

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