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Kela’s Kauai Real Estate Newsletter

Kela’s Kauai Real Estate Newsletter

June 2018

News for Homeowners wanting a rental on their property!

Announcement from the County of Kauai May 30, 2018:

The County of Kauai is making it legal for anyone located in the Residential zone on Kauai to have a rental on their property. There are certain guidelines that have to be followed in order to obtain the Additional Rental Unit (ARU) form.

The form with all of the details can be found here.

– Upgraded waste water system, must be on septic or sewer.
– Must have a designated parking stall.
– Must be a long term rental 6 months or more.
– No larger than 800 sq. ft.
– These units can legally have a 2nd kitchen!

This effort from the county is to aid in the housing shortage, therefore someone cannot CPR/divide their properties to 2 units to sell separately with an ARU form.

I just got back from seeing some ancient real estate in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Built by the Pueblo Native American’s inside of caves around the late 1190’s.

Septic Update

All cesspool’s will be required to be upgraded by 2050. You may be required to upgrade earlier if:

This has been directly copied from: http://health.hawaii.gov/kauai/wastewater-faqs/

  1. Your cesspool has been pumped more than twice or has spilled more than once in 12 months.
  2. You are applying for a building modification for adding an enclosed area such as a bedroom or an ADU.
  3. You are changing the use of your property: i.e, from residential to commercial.
  4. You are applying for a building modification (example: adding carport, lanai, bathroom) and your cesspool discharges into the groundwater.
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