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Kauai Real Estate: Buying a Kauai house versus Building a Kauai House.

In todays market most Kauai Buyers are looking for a house already built rather than purchasing a vacant lot and hiring a Kauai contractor. There are many reasons for buying a preexisting house but there are reasons and also benefits of buying vacant land and building. Below is a list of pros & cons for each category.

Buying an established Kauai house:

Kauai Real Estate

5698 Olohena Road MLS#635611


  1. Able to move right in.
  2. More and flexible financing programs offered by a variety of lenders at a better interest rate.
  3. Landscaping and grounds are mature and established.
  4. Less time and hassle required versus building.


  1. The house or its components,( i.e. roof) has a shorter economic life than a new home.
  2. The floor plan or interior design may not be well suited for you.
  3.  The home may have a worn feeling.
  4. It may feel like someone else’s house.

 Buying Kauai vacant lot and building:


Building a Kauai house

Julie in 1987 pounding some nails on the sub flooring.


  1. Everything is brand new.
  2. Home is suited to your tastes & style.
  3. Home has a longer life span.
  4. Time equity is almost always earned. Once the house is completed the home may be immediately worth 5% to 20% more than what you paid for the lot and construction package.


  1.  A lot more time, attention to detail, & stress are involved.
  2.  Even though you paid your contractor, unpaid subs can put a mechanic’s lien on the home.
  3.  Unexpected problems and costs can come up.
  4.  You can’t move in right away (until the house is built). Finance buyers may have to pay rent and interest payments on their loan at the same time.


There are both benefits and disadvantages of buying an established Kauai home or building a Kauai home. While some buyers have the time to build their dream home other Kauai buyers have a very hectic lifestyle and prefer a home they can move right into.  My suggestion is to keep an open mind and just look for the property that is the best for you and your Kauai lifestyle. Feel free to call or email me is you have any questions. julie@hisemail.net 808 652-6174.

You can visit the County of Kauai web site at www.kauai.gov for information on building permits. Any Kauai MLS listed property can be searched on my website at www.kauaidreams.com.

Aloha Julie


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