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Vacant Land

Wanting to learn more about buying vacant land on Kauai. Land on Kauai can range from easily build-able to being non-accessible. Learn more about purchasing vacant land on Kauai

Kauai Real Estate: Buying a Kauai house versus Building a Kauai House.

In todays market most Kauai Buyers are looking for a house already built rather than purchasing a vacant lot and hiring a Kauai contractor. There are many reasons for buying a preexisting house but there are reasons and also benefits of buying vacant land and building. Below is a list of pros & cons for […]

Condominium Property Regime, CPR’s on Kauai.

What is a Condominium Property Regime, or CPR on Kauai?  Find out here! I get this question a lot especially when showing property. What is a CPR on Kauai? A CPR is a “condominium property regime” and is just a form of ownership. CPR’s on Kauai can come in many different forms: Residential properties. Condos […]

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