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Kauai Lenders and Loan Officers

Why use a lender on Kauai? If you are thinking about purchasing land, a home or a condo on Kauai. Here a few reasons why I recommend working with a Kauai lenders or loan officers. 1. They are Familiar with our Idiosyncrasies For example, Kauai has many Condominium Property Regimes (CPR’s) and Condo-Hotels (condo-tels). Most […]

376 Eggerking Road, Wailua Houselots Open House Sunday, 3/03/19

Open house this Sunday at 376 Eggerking Road in Wailua Houselots. That’s 3/03/19 Sunday – from 1p to 4pm. This a a cute modern 2 bedroom 2 bath with a modern kitchen, fenced yard. This is an energy efficient house with insulated attic with solar vent fan to keep the home cool. Solar water heater. $529,000. MLS#624552 […]

Tips for Purchasing a Vacation Rental on Kauai

Here are 5 quick tips for purchasing a Kauai Vacation Rental: 1. Financing (if applicable)  – Using an on island lender is best! They are familiar with the terms we use like condo-hotel and know 100% if they are able to seal the deal. A few lower priced projects require cash only like Kauai Beach Resort, […]

Tips for Selling My Kauai Vacation Rental Condo

Due to Covid-19 and the new normal many of the vacation rental condos on Kauai have been suffering. Some people are opting to long term rent their units, others are hanging in there and hoping it passes and some are putting their units up for sale. Right now there are more vacation rental condos for sale […]

Real Estate Cycles and the State of Kauai’s Real Estate Market 2018

There have been a lot of questions and theories of the cyclical nature of the real estate market and if we are at the top of the cycle headed for a bottom. According to the real estate researcher, Homer Hoyt, observed in 1933 real estate cycles last approximately 18 years. Now if you follow this […]

Expenses to Expect for Kauai Vacation Rentals

Its important to have realistic expectations when purchasing a Kauai Vacation Rental. Vacation rental homes (detached) on Kauai are very rare to come by. The County of Kauai is not allowing anyone to convert their property to a vacation rental. All vacation rental homes are either in the Visitor Destination Area or have been grandfathered […]

What is a REO? Kauai REO. Kauai Real Estate. Kauai Foreclosures

REO is an acroynm for Real Estate Owned. It is bank terminology. I’m not sure what bank invented the acroynm but most of them use it. It describes their real estate holdings. In case you didn’t know, banks don’t like to hold real estate, they want cash. The two most common ways banks obtain real estate holdings […]

Kela’s Kauai Real Estate Newsletter

Kela’s Kauai Real Estate Newsletter June 2018 News for Homeowners wanting a rental on their property! Announcement from the County of Kauai May 30, 2018: The County of Kauai is making it legal for anyone located in the Residential zone on Kauai to have a rental on their property. There are certain guidelines that have to be […]

Kauai Vacation Rentals – Visitor Destination Zone and Transient Vacation Rental

Can I vacation rental my Kauai property? Many people want to purchase a property on Kauai hoping to rent it short term. Kauai has strict zoning laws read here to find out which properties can be vacation rented on Kauai. Vacation rented meaning a rental for less than 6 months. What is the Visitor Destination […]

Hanamaulu and New Construction Homes at Ho’oluana

Hanamaulu Housing Project, Ho’oluana. With Market Priced Homes and Affordable Homes for Sale.

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