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Oceanfront Condos in Poipu Kauai

The first question I always get… “What side of the island creates the most income?” Then I answer “All sides create good income.” Then I get the response… “I heard the south side is the best and makes the most income’. Then I think okay why did you ask. I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

7 Tips On Kauai Oceanfront Homes That Will Help You Make A Great Purchase!

Want to know what to look for when looking for Kauai Oceanfront Homes? These tips will tell you everything you need to know to make a great purchase with no surprises!  Considering purchasing oceanfront property on Kauai is extremely exciting. It’s everyone’s dream (or almost everyone’s) to live near the ocean or vacation near the […]

Reasons to Buy Vacation Rentals in Poipu Kai

Vacation rentals in Poipu are in high demand right now, especially in Poipu Kai! Poipu Kai is located right behind Poipu Beach Park. Poipu Kai consists of condominiums and individual homes. All of Poipu Kai is located in the visitor destination area (VDA) and therefore are all legal vacation rentals. The resorts inside of Poipu […]

Additional Rental Units on Kauai, ARU

County of Kauai’s new Additional Rental Unit (ARU) “I feel like I’m saying this for every listing, this kitchen is also not supposed to be here…” ~ words from another Kauai Realtor. With the Kauai County allowing ARU’s now, that kitchen can be allowed. There is some information to know before attempting to get an […]

Remodeling a Mid-Century Home Bathroom

My current remodel project   The struggles and joys of remodeling this mid-century home. Built in 1953 there are many charming mid-century features that Im excited to work with. With the good comes the bad, the mid-century style involves many bright colors! Here is a view of what I have to work with in the […]

5 main expenses for vacation rentals on Kauai

Know what to expect when purchasing a vacation rental on Kauai. Vacation rentals on Kauai can generate a good amount of income for a few reasons. First its expensive to come to Kauai so people who are traveling to Hawaii can afford it. Secondly, we have a tourist season that lasts through out the year. […]

Prices of Hanalei Bay Homes for Sale, Hanalei, Kauai 9.2015

According to Kauai’s MLS, there are currently 8 homes for sale in the Hanalei Bay vicinity and 2 vacant lots. The home prices start at $1,050,000 for a stream frontage home to $26,000,000 for a spread over 2 acres  beachfrontage. Heres a list: Homes for Sale in Hanalei Bay:   5-5522 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei.  This […]

Makaleha Gardens Subdivision Kauai

Makaleha Gardens Subdivision is Kauai’s latest Agricultural Subdivision development located in Kapaa. This subdivision is located in upper Kapahi where the old Growing Greens Nursery used to be. It recently got subdivided into 8 different parcels. Four 1-acre parcels are going for $425,000 with Lot 1 pending. Three 4-acre parcels lot 5 priced at $575,000 […]

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