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5 things to consider when purchasing oceanfront homes on Kauai

Here are few things to consider before purchasing.   1. Setbacks and corrosion How set back is the home and are there any sea wall issues? Sea walls can be very expensive and not encouraged by the state because sea walls create more corrosion. There are oceanfront homes on Kauai that have illegal or non-approved […]

Reasons to Buy Vacation Rentals in Poipu Kai

Vacation rentals in Poipu are in high demand right now, especially in Poipu Kai! Poipu Kai is located right behind Poipu Beach Park. Poipu Kai consists of condominiums and individual homes. All of Poipu Kai is located in the visitor destination area (VDA) and therefore are all legal vacation rentals. The resorts inside of Poipu […]

Most Commonly Missed Residential Rental Property Tax Deductions

Most Commonly Missed Residential Rental Property Tax Deductions I have written this blog using information from Clear Value Tax Certified Public Accountant Brian Kim of Chicago, IL. Brian and Clear Value Tax have their own YouTube Channel, providing tax and financial information, instruction and guidance. In the following video Brian goes over the most commonly […]

Kauai Lenders and Loan Officers

Why use a lender on Kauai? If you are thinking about purchasing land, a home or a condo on Kauai. Here a few reasons why I recommend working with a Kauai lenders or loan officers. 1. They are Familiar with our Idiosyncrasies For example, Kauai has many Condominium Property Regimes (CPR’s) and Condo-Hotels (condo-tels). Most […]

Additional Rental Units on Kauai, ARU

County of Kauai’s new Additional Rental Unit (ARU) “I feel like I’m saying this for every listing, this kitchen is also not supposed to be here…” ~ words from another Kauai Realtor. With the Kauai County allowing ARU’s now, that kitchen can be allowed. There is some information to know before attempting to get an […]

1031 tax deferred exchange

Are you debating if you should do a 1031 tax deferred exchange? A 1031 exchange is a way that the Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to sell a property while deferring capital gains tax if they purchase a like kind property. Here are the 4 reasons people do 1031 tax deferred exchanges: To delay/avoid capital […]

Remodeling a Mid-Century Home Bathroom

My current remodel project   The struggles and joys of remodeling this mid-century home. Built in 1953 there are many charming mid-century features that Im excited to work with. With the good comes the bad, the mid-century style involves many bright colors! Here is a view of what I have to work with in the […]

Purchasing a Property with Rental Potential

Why purchasing a home on Kauai with a Rental is so popular and a good idea.   Many first time home buyers have been purchasing a home with a rental property. Right now to purchase a financeable single family home on Kauai a Buyer can expect to spend around $550,000. Depending on how much of […]

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