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9 Must Have Hawaii Home Essentials to Make Your Life Easier

There are a few essential items for living in Hawaii that will make your home life easier. Does your home have any of these items on this Hawaii home essentials list? Hawaii has a very unique environment. Living here for all of my life on Kauai I have discovered a few essential items that make […]

Buying (insert blank) on Kauai, My Pursuit of Buying Office Furniture.

Shopping on Kauai for office furniture in the 90’s Trying to shop for items located in the mainland can sometimes be trying on Kauai. When I opened up my office Kauai Dreams Realty in 1997, I needed to purchase office furniture. 1997 was pre Home Depot (2003) & pre Costco (2006). Most of my office […]

Kauai Lenders and Loan Officers

Why use a lender on Kauai? If you are thinking about purchasing land, a home or a condo on Kauai. Here a few reasons why I recommend working with a Kauai lenders or loan officers. 1. They are Familiar with our Idiosyncrasies For example, Kauai has many Condominium Property Regimes (CPR’s) and Condo-Hotels (condo-tels). Most […]

Encroachments on Kauai

Dealing with Encroachments on Kauai Last year I sold a property that had a small fence encroachment of about 4inches. During that time I realized there was not much information online about encroachments and the details that are involved in obtaining an encroachment agreement. Most encroachments today are from fences this is why it is […]

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